The team at JNI Armor

Minority Woman-Owned Two-Year-Old Small Business Receives $2.6 Million in Government Contracts

Published On: May 30, 2019Categories:

JNI Armor has obtained over $1.M in government contracts in less than 4 months as well as winning a Phase I SBIR for $225k and Phase II SBIR for $1.5M. “This is over $2.6M in contracts in less than a year – based off using APEX Accelerator advice and direction.” states owner Le Nguyen.

JNI Armor founded April 2017, is a minority woman owned small business located in a HUBZone in Orange County. JNI Armor designs and develops engineered glass laminates for military armor applications, blast requirements, building systems, and personal protection for law enforcement. Additionally, JNI SmartGlass provides switchable privacy glass for commercial and residential applications.

The main goal for JNI Armor is producing the best quality of transparent armor in protection of our nation’s warfighters. JNI Armor has experience with armoring all platforms, including land vehicles (HMMWVs and MRAPs), Navy ships, boats, rotorcraft, buildings and ballistic shields for personal protection.

Additionally, JNI Armor has collaborated with large businesses for distribution of their products. Using contracting knowledge (a lot gained from our local APEX Accelerator) JNI Armor is currently a dealer for PartsMaster, two gun manufacturers (Ohio Ordnance and Double Star), a gun mount manufacturer (CR Systems) and in discussions with expanding to other large businesses. In these relationships, JNI Armor supports navigation of government contracting of spare parts and parts kits to DLA.

JNI also has commercial products, including JNI SmartGlass where they manufacture switchable privacy glass for the commercial and residential market.

JNI Armor was introduced to San Diego, Orange, Imperial APEX Accelerator on advice from DLA Small Business representatives. Co-owner David Jungk, says, “Support from our local APEX Accelerator has been paramount to JNI Armor’s growth. Our discussions with APEX Accelerator has developed the knowledge with government contracting that has then lead to a great relationship with DLA Land and Maritime.”

Jeff Cuskey, APEX Accelerator Government Specialist, helped JNI by outlining a SBIR strategy including proposal, commercialization, and data rights protection. Currently working multiple commercialization paths with major OEMs including BAE Systems, Oshkosh Defense, Navistar Defense, and AM General. Secondly, he outlined strategies to support HUBZone and WOSB set aside contracting requirements, including detailing the FAR regulations and how both Government and Large companies benefit from working with HUBZone/WOSB companies. This lead to $1M (and counting) contracts with a large company. Also pursuing collaboration with BAE Systems, Navistar, and AM General on their sub-contracting goals. Lastly, he helped us collaborate with DLA Land and Maritime Small Business representatives in understanding how to support their contracting goals better. This lead to development of great relationship with the largest consumer in the nation, the US Government. Mr. Jungk claims, “We are light years ahead due to the support of the San Diego, Orange, Imperial APEX Accelerator and Mr. Cuskey.”