Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned 8(a) Company Sees Certifications Result in Growth in the Government Market

Published On: December 11, 2018Categories:

Blue Nose IT Solutions (DBA Blue Nose Construction) provides IT and system security services for organizations/agencies protecting high value data, IT, cyber and physical capital infrastructure. This wide range of services and system solution approach of expertise combined with its federal and military professional experience and certification by the Department of Veterans Affairs as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and by the Small Business Administration as an 8(a) company has enabled the company to grow in the government market space by providing a variety of real-time solutions and services to Department of Defense agencies and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Since certifying as an SDVOSB and 8(a) company, Blue Nose IT Solutions has reported nearly $400,000 in contract awards through the US Coast Guard and Department of the Navy as well as nearly $800,000 in contract awards with the VA. Blue Nose has also reported an additional $100,000 in Navy contract awards. In addition, it has performed work for the Defense Information Systems Agency and the Internal Revenue Service.

Security to critical and high-value infrastructure is the center of gravity to the services Blue Nose provides for clients. Thereby, it has searched for and been awarded critical projects for the VA Healthcare Systems in Loma Linda and Long Beach via full retro-fits of Medical Gas Lines and hot water system retro-fills. Those are examples of high value infrastructure solutions which Blue Nose brings to the forefront of Veteran-Owned Small Business capabilities. Moreover, from a physical awareness solutions set, Blue Nose has performed CCTV, IDS, and ACS installation and integration for SPAWAR, NAVSEA, and a myriad of Navy clients with a total value of all contracts over $200,000.

In the infrastructure construction services market, Blue Nose is using their capabilities not only for the VA as mentioned above, but also by providing construction services to the Coast Guard and the US Navy. For the Coast Guard, Blue Nose performed an emergency electrical structure renovation, a barracks bathrooms refurbishment project, and housing roof repairs. All three of these were small but urgent requirements when the US Coast Guard needed immediate solutions and completion. Blue Nose performed these projects with high quality and safety.

Blue Nose IT Solutions has been a client of the San Diego, Orange, Imperial APEX Accelerator since 2016. In that time, APEX Accelerator counselors have assisted the company with questions on certifications, including the SDVOSB and 8(a) certification, teaming, subcontracting, understanding CFR and FAR clauses and provisions, affiliation, bid matching services, solicitation and proposal review, and labor compliance. Members of the Blue Nose IT Solutions team have also attended several workshops, webinars, and networking events hosted by the San Diego, Orange, Imperial APEX Accelerator.

Joe Rubio, Vice President, CFO and Director of Construction, of Blue Nose IT Solutions shared this about the company’s growth in the government market and working with APEX Accelerator counselors: “APEX Accelerator guided the first and foremost contract win for Blue Nose to press forward in business. Patricia Ferrand was fully instrumental in educating Blue Nose on the Small Business “Similarly Situated” federal guidelines which allows us to provide services to the Department of Defense and other federal agencies. She is the most intelligent federal business contracts SME I have ever met.

We can’t thank APEX Accelerator and their SMEs enough for their intelligence and expertise in contracts and projects; moreover APEX Accelerator personnel are willing to assist small businesses beyond belief……THANK YOU!!!”