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Rowe Solutions is Taking Intangibles and Making Them Tangible

Published On: June 30, 2021Categories:

In October 2019, Frank Rowe decided not to continue the Industrial Engineering Program at USD to pursue his own business. He then put together a team of mentors, which for three months helped him with a lot of motivation and dedication to form Rowe Solutions, LLC. Immediately knowing he wanted to get into the government space, he sought out Mike Sabellico, a Senior Advisor at APEX Accelerator, to begin learning who buys his products and services as well as how to market to those agencies.

Rowe Solutions offers companies administrative support, facility support, food services, security management, solar installation, and product distribution. Frank has a keen focus on providing janitorial and stock room assistance for commissaries and military exchanges. He has an eye for finding solutions where there is potential. He and his team have found creative ways to service their customers’ needs during this pandemic. For example, on their catering services, they have reconstructed a system for hands-free delivering of meals instead of utilizing the buffet cart.

He is proud of the federal and state contracts he has been awarded so far, and he attributes most of these awards to the help of his San Diego, Orange, Imperial APEX Accelerator advisor who has assisted with the proposals, bids, resources, and government procurement opportunities. Rowe Solutions has been awarded a half a million dollar contract with California Fire Department and a meal prepping contract of $2 million over five years with U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Frank said, “I have never experienced anything as difficult and challenging, but I would not have been successful in obtaining the government contracts without Mike’s help!” Even though the pandemic has greatly affected his business, approaching every problem with a solution continues to move him and the company forward. According to Frank, his next goal is to move into automation, such as coding and machines, taking intangibles and making them tangible.