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Posh Privy Soars to New Heights

Published On: October 25, 2022Categories:

The beginning of it all

Posh Privy Portables was born in the shipyards on the San Diego waterfront. While working as an environmental and safety manager in the shipyards, Ron Pivaro, President of Posh Privy, saw the need for high-end restrooms in certain locations both on and off base — thus Posh Privy was born.

Their initial success was on the commercial side until they started exploring SAM and other government opportunities. Posh Privy provides high-end restroom trailers, service vehicles for pump outs, waste disposal, interior/exterior cleaning/disinfecting, supply paper products, and hand soap.

A solution in the bag

Ron says, “As a small business owner, you can only wear so many hats. Many tasks must be outsourced such as accounting and payroll — these and others all with a fee. Navigating SAM is another difficult task; we became inundated with companies offering help or guidance or SAM registration for high fees. Thank goodness we found APEX Accelerator . Not only an institution we could trust but NO FEES!”

Right away Ron started working with Frank Luna, senior procurement advisor at San Diego, Orange, Imperial APEX Accelerator. Ron said one of the many suggestions Frank helped with was introducing them to the Bid Match Database.

Ron exclaims, “Frank gave us confidence in our ability to land a contract. Every time we have a Zoom meeting, Frank encourages us to expand and points out opportunities. Our SAM registration process was a breeze with screen-sharing and direct assistance from Frank. When we incorporated, we needed to update SAM and a data error in SAM was preventing us from completing our registration, right before a bid was due! On a last-minute request, Frank met with us on Zoom and ironed out the issue — allowing us to submit the bid, which we won!”

Ron adds how he is very happy Frank checks in with him, asking how business is, or if they need any guidance, and always encourages them to obtain more business. Ron feels there is no doubt the support from his local APEX Accelerator was instrumental in helping Posh Privy win bids.

To the moon

Posh Privy was fortunate to win several contracts with a newly formed U.S. Space Force supporting NASA capsule recoveries. Ron finds it incredible to be directly involved with the Artemis Program. This contract has also enhanced their standing and reputation on the commercial side. Ron explained that when people hear Posh Privy has a contract with NASA they become immediately interested and impressed. He feels the APEX Accelerator has helped them both on the government and inadvertently on the commercial side.

“Who would have thought that as owners of a high-end restroom trailer company that our lives would be directly tied to rocket launch schedules across the country! Our experience with APEX Accelerator has been very rewarding, and we recommend APEX Accelerator to anyone with or without experience in navigating the world of SAMS, WAWF, PIEE, and more.”

In closing Ron commented, “We must thank APEX Accelerator for an incredibly helpful organization that truly looks out for the client and at no cost.”

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