Team Member Title Organization Contact Info Mission
Mary Lake Deputy Small Business Programs Naval Information Warfare Systems Headquarters Question for Small Business Office:
Ph: (619) 553-4327
Provide contracting services for Navy,
Joint and Coalition Interoperability,
C4I, IT-21, NMCI and Web-enabled Navy Integration
Tuan Doan Deputy Director, OSBP Space and Naval Warfare Systems Headquarters Ph: (619) 524-7701
Fax: (619) 221-5521
See above
Dean Dickau Deputy Director, OSBP Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, Pacific Ph: (619) 553-4326
Fax: (619) 553-4827
Development of technology to collect, transmit, process, display and manage information essential to naval operations
Gary P. Thomas Deputy Director, OSBP Fleet Industrial Supply Center – San Diego FISC-SD Ph: (619) 556-5109
Provide base operating support and quality of life services for operating forces and shore commands
Robert “Zack” Zaccaria Deputy Director, OSBP Navy Facilities Engineering Command Southwest Office of Small Business Programs Ph: (619) 532-2375
Provide facilities engineering support to the Navy, the Marine Corps, and other supported commands as assigned.
Jennifer McGuire Deputy for Small Business, OSBP Navy Facilities Command Southwest Division
Provide construction, architecture & engineering, environmental planning, & remediation, base operating support and utilities
Patty Olivas Deputy Director, OSBP NAVFAC-SW Ph: (619) 532-2375
See above
Sylvia Nard Deputy Director, OSBP Naval Medical Center
Ph: (619) 532-6507
Fax: (619) 532-5488
Provide medical care to the military community & their families. Medical teaching facility and research center
Alice Watson Deputy Director, OSBP Southwest Regional Maintenance Center
Ph: (619) 556-3367
Fax: (619) 553-2331
Naval ship construction and repair
Victoria Mechan Alternate, OSBP Southwest Regional Maintenance Center (SWRMC) Ph: (619) 556-9389
See above
DaKeyah McFarlin Deputy Director, OSBP Marine Corps Installation West MCB, Camp Pendleton Ph: (760) 763-5645
Fax: (760) 725-4346
Provide USMC (SW U.S.) w/contract
support for supplies and services
(excluding most construction, A&E
and facilities maintenance)
Sandra Ingram Deputy Director, OSBP Marine Corps Tactical System Support MCTSSA, USMC Ph: (760) 725-9189
Fax: (760) 725-2514
Validate and verify Marine Air-Ground Task Force systems integration and interoperability
Tom Winans Deputy Director, OSBP Naval Surface Warfare Center, Port Hueneme Division and Corona
Division, CA
Ph: (805) 228-0372
Fax: (805) 228-5718
Surface ships weapon systems test & evaluation, ILS, combat systems modernize, surface warfare gun & missile launch systems, analysis, design, measure & integration of weapon systems, ships & aircraft combat training
Ivette Jorge SB Specialist Department of Homeland Security/Customs & Border Protection Ph: (619) 216-4106
See website for acquisitions and acquisition forecast
Willard Strozier Deputy Director, OSBP Los Angeles Airforce Base Ph: (310) 653-1108
Guided missile & space vehicle mfg., R&D physical, engineering & life sciences, space research, satellite communications
Deputy Director, OSBP Edwards Air Force
Ph: (661) 277-3640
Fax: (661) 275-9652
Research, development, and test and eval of aerospace systems
Mary Helen Ruiz Deputy Director, OSBP NASA/JPL
(Jet Propulsion Lab)
Ph: (818) 345-7532
Fax: (818) 393-1746
Aeronautics, human exploration, aviation safety, sensors, detectors, robotics, space communication, space transportation
Robert Medina Deputy Director, OSBP Dryden Flight Research
Ph: (661) 276-3343
Fax: (661) 276-2904
Flight research, test, engineering, flight operations, mission information and test systems, aerospace flight research
Pam Smith-Cressel Deputy Director, OSBP General Services
Administration (GSA)
Ph: (213) 894-3210
Fax: (213) 894-7658
Contact for Federal Schedule information
John Engstrom Business Opportunity Specialist Small Business Administration (SBA) Ph: (619) 727-4872
Fax: (619) 557-5894
Certification Specialist
Mary Spencer U.S. Army Corps of Engineers,
Los Angeles District
Ph: (213) 453-3938
Southern California US Army Corps of Engineers (Construction)
Renee F Luna Office of Naval Research (ONR) Ph: (619) 221-5601
Fax: (619) 221-5615
Science and technology allocating funds to meet warfighter’s requirements
Wayne Keen Department of Veteran Affairs Ph: (562) 826-5534
Fax: (562) 826-5828
SDVOSB Verification,outreach and networking, building a business
Mark Micchio Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA)
Provide and support the most effective microelectronics technologies available through the commercial sector